Delonte West Love KFC, Raps About It

delonte-west-love-kfc-raps-about-itTotal Pro Sports – There is a lot of money to be made by sports athletes through sponsorship deals these days.  Someone should tell Cavs’ guard Delonte West that before he provides another free promotional video like this one.

Much like former NBA star Magic Johnson, Delonte West also seems to be a big fan of KFC chicken.  How else would you explain him waiting 18 minutes for his order.  So what do you do to kill all that time?  How about putting together a little rap in honor of Colonel Sanders.

He may not have the same talent on the mic as Ron Artest, or his new teammate Shaq, but anyone who can fill seven minutes rapping about buckets of chicken and dipping sauce deserves some recognition.

Hat Tip Video – [Sports Crackle Pop]

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