Phillies Fan Throws Bitch Slap In San Fran

phillies-fan-throws-bitch-slap-in-san-franTotal Pro Sports – Most people will tell you that Philadelphia is one of the toughest places to watch a game for opposing fans.  I guess these two Phillies fans left that toughness back home.

During Thursday’s game at AT&T Park between the San Francisco Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies (who are both no stranger to stadium brawls), things got a bit ugly in the stands.  With the Giants winning 7-2 in the eighth, two Phillies fans decide to make an exit, but not before causing a scene.  That resulted in some objects being thrown their way until one of them chose to fight back (if that’s what you want to call it).  A bitch slap, or two, later and security was needed to break up the fight.  What ever happened to a good old fashion Bruce Lee kick?  I guess that only happens in Yankee Stadium.

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