Red Sox Fan Loses Bet, Drinks Beer From A Shoe

red-sox-fan-loses-bet-drinks-beer-from-a-shoeTotal Pro Sports – The dark days in Red Sox Nation continue.  Just last week we heard news of David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez tested positive for steroids in 2003, one year prior to the Sox long awaited World Series Championship (which prompted the creation of a Boston Cheat party song).  Now it seems as though Red Sox fans are drinking away their sorrows, but they aren’t interested in using cups to do so.

At a game against the Orioles at  Camden Yards over the weekend, one Sox fan had apparently lost a bet.  For his punishment he was forced to drink a beer directly from a worn sock and shoe.  Disgusting?  You bet your ass it is!

We all enjoy the spirit of competition in sports.  We have athletes like Shaq make challenges to others, but drinking beer from a shoe?  At least he actually drank the beer, rather than throw it on others.  We’ll give him props for that.  Like we always say, no one enjoys seeing a beer go to waste.

Yes, this may actually be more degrading than a song about your city’s history of cheating.

Hat Tip Video – [Red Sox Monster]

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