Anglers Mourn As The “King Of Common Carps” Found Dead

king-of-common-carpTotal Pro Sports – He went by the name of Benson and was a fish with celebrity status.  The 64 lbs carp, Britain’s largest common carp, was found floating dead in Kingfish Lake (in the Bluebell Lakes complex) last Wednesday after being poisoned.

The angling community was stunned by the new of Benson’s death.  He was 25-years-old and worth an estimated £20,000, but anglers describe him as “irreplaceable.”  Bluebell Lakes owner Tony Bridgefoot had the following to say about the tragic news:

“We are all still trying to come to terms with his death and get our heads around what has happened.

“Money could not have bought Benson. Fish that big are unique.

“We need to decide whether we are going to replace him with another carp. It is still early days.

“Benson had that celebrity status. I can’t stress how famous he was in the angling world. All fisherman wanted to catch him.” [Daily Mail]

It is believed that the death was caused by irresponsible anglers, after uncooked peanuts and almonds were found on a nearby bank.  They are often used to lure fish into a certain part of the lake, but when uncooked, can be toxic for fish.

Benson was caught 63 times, compared to an estimated 8000 attempts to reel the monster in.  Members of the Bluebell Lakes community, and other anglers who have attempted to make this big catch, will continue to look for answers regarding the death of Benson, but they may never be able to replace the legacy of the “King of Common Carps.”

Here is a a television new report on the story from Sky News.

Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]