David Beckham And Shaq Engage In A War Of Words

David Beckham And Shaq Engage In A War Of WordsTotal Pro Sports – In one of the oddest match ups you can piece together, we have the enormous basketball star, Shaq, against public enemy number one in Los Angeles, David Beckham.  So how does this happen?

Shaq called out David Beckham, challenging him via Twitter stating “u will never score a goal on me, I challenge you lil man.”  TMZ reporters caught up with Beckham asking him what he thought about Shaq’s challenge.  His response was “I don’t see him calling Kobe out, and I think Kobe could score against him.”  Harsh words from the Brit.

As you may expect, TMZ then caught up with Shaq and updated him on Beckham’s comments.  Shaq responded by saying “David is scared.  Kobe can score but he can’t.”  He then entertained the people of TMZ with some more choice words as they followed him around for a few minutes.  Finally, he gave them a preview of what the Big Diesel may look like in goal.  Seems like English International soccer star may have his hands full.

David Beckham’s name is now added to the long list of those who have been challenged by Shaq.  Also included is B.Manley (to a game of H.O.R.S.E.), and Lance Armstrong (to a bike race).  While none of these challenges have yet to take place, you have to assume Shaq is up for anything.  Who else would be willing to step into the ring against the WWE’s Big Show?  Looks like the Galaxy fans aren’t the only thing Becks should be afraid of.

Here is David Beckham’s initial response to Shaq’s challenge.

And here is Shaq’s response.

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