Terrell Suggs Hates The Steelers, Has The Shirt To Prove It

Terrell Suggs Hates The SteelersTotal Pro Sports – If there was any question regarding how Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs felt about the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was undoubtedly answered after he wore this shirt to training camp, which states “You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Hate The Steelers.”

The hatred between the two clubs should come as no surprise, being division rivals and having played each other three times last season.  Feelings are likely stronger from the Ravens’ perspective, due to the fact that they were on the losing end of all three games last year, including a crucial AFC championship game that the Steelers would win on route to their sixth Super Bowl championship.

This is not the first time Suggs has publicly announced his dislike for the Steelers.  In 2008 he hinted to the media that the Ravens had put a bounty on the head of Pittsburgh wideout Hines Ward.

Baltimore will go into the 2009 season once again as a Super Bowl contender.  With Joe Flacco going into his second season as the team’s starting quarterback (and picking off frisbees in mid air with ease), the Ravens have the potential to move beyond the AFC championship game this year.  However, if they expect to achieve such success they will need their play to do the talking, rather than their mouths and shirts.

Terrell Suggs Hates The Steelers

Terrell Suggs Hates The Steelers

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