Drew Brees’ Accuracy Will Really Amaze You!

Drew Brees Accuracy Will Really Amaze You!Total Pro Sports – Just last night I was drafting a fantasy football team and with the 7th pick decided to go after Tom Brady over Drew Brees.  Sure Drew is being ranked higher by most fantasy experts, but I can’t resist going with the man who had one of the greatest fantasy football seasons ever only two years ago.  And don’t forget that Brady gets to throw to Randy Moss and Wes Welker, not to mention that Belichick guy they all play for.  If Matt Cassel could do what he did last year in the New England offense, just imagine the possibilities for Brady this season (keeping in mind he’ll be given an even more pass-heavy playbook).

That is the way I have felt, at least until I saw this clip of Drew Brees performing accuracy throwing on Sports Science.

The question was, “What’s more accurate?  A football thrown by an NFL Pro Bowl quarterback, or an arrow fired by a world class archer?”  At first, I thought the answer was the archer, but then I remembered Joe Flacco’s performance.  Finally, Sports Science informed me that the top archers at the last Olympics only hit the bullseye at a 50% rate.  NFL quarterbacks usually throw above 50%.  They may not be hitting bullseyes, but their targets are moving, and let’s not forget the thought of having several giant beasts bearing down on you trying to send you off in a stretcher.

When it was Brees’ turn to be put to the test, he was given ten shots at the archery target from 20 yards away.  I would have been impressed with nine, eight, maybe even seven, but Drew went a perfect ten for ten.  Now I just need to see what Brady could do?

Here is the clip from Sports Science.

Hat Tip Video – [The Score Blog]

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