Despite What They Tell You, Eli Manning is Not The Highest Paid NFLer

Eli ManningTotal Pro Sports – Breaking News!  On second thought, it’s not really breaking, and it isn’t exactly news  It is, however, some relevant information for your next NFL watercooler meeting, perhaps somewhere between your discussions regarding Drew Brees’ accuracy and Tom Brady’s return.

You may have heard all the buzz regarding New york Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning‘s new six-year, $97.5 million contract extension being the highest average annual salary in the NFL.  That would be true, had Carson Palmer not signed a more lucrative contract back in December 2005.

Pro Football Talk broke it down and gave us the real deal behind the numbers.  While Eli’s new extension does add up to a yearly average of $16,166,667, that does not include the one remaining year left on his contract (worth $9.4 million), which is to be added to the recently introduced six years.   That would bring his annual average down to $15.2 million.  As for Palmer, his annual average is a hefty $16,166,667.

Now you just have to ask yourself, “should this change your perception on whether the Giants overpaid for Eli, or not?”

Hat Tip – [Pro Football Talk]

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