Emeka Okafor’s Poor Fashion Sense Prefect For New Orleans

82921740LM017_Emeka_OkaforTotal Pro Sports – Just over a week ago Emeka Okafor was traded by the Charlotte Bobcats to the New Orleans Hornets in exchange for Tyson Chandler.  Don’t believe him?  He has this monstrosity of a jacket to prove it.

We don’t know what would possess someone to wear such a thing, but Okafor seems to be enjoying his new team’s teal and yellow colors. Unfortunately they look even worse than what you would expect to see the likes of Dallas Cowboys linebacker Marcus Spears, Oakland Raiders quarterback Jamarcus Russell, or any of these basketball players wear.  I guess some guys will do just about anything to get out of Charlotte.

Welcome to New Orleans Emeka!

Hat Tip – [NBA Off-Season 2009]

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