Ladies! Chris Bosh Has A Friend And His Shirt Has Something To Tell You


Total Pro Sports – When we brought you the image of the Michael Jordan mosaic we reminded you of the notion that “a picture can tell a thousand words.”  In this photo of Chris Bosh and a friend, we are still trying to wrap our head around eleven of those words:

Of course I love you…My dick is hard isn’t it?”

That was what the front of Bosh’s friend’s shirt read as they walked through Yorkville in Toronto.  We are well aware of Bosh’s ability to provide humor, but who knew his friends were just as funny?  I guess when the line, “I’m friends with Chris Bosh” isn’t quite working out well, you have to find some alternative.  I think he may have found the perfect one.


Bosh's friend has a message for you!

Hat Tip Pic – [Deadspin]

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