Michael Schumacher Goes Go-Karting To Prepare For F1 Return

schumacher-go-karting1Total Pro Sports – When Ferrari driver Felipe Massa was knocked out of the 2009 Formula One season after a life-threatening crash, the first name that came to everyone’s mind as a replacement was Michael Schumacher.  While some may have figured that to be nothing more than a fantasy, yesterday it took another step towards becoming a reality.

So how does a retired race car driver get back in the swing of things?  He goes go-karting.

In what I assume was supposed to be a private session, judging by Schumacher’s reaction to the cameras (see video below), the seven time world champion tested his fitness level to determine whether he would be able to return at the European Grand Prix in two weeks.

While Schumacher stated that he felt good after the two go-karting sessions held in northern Italy, there are still questions as to whether he will be physically fit to make a comeback.  He has had some lingering neck problems resulting from a motorcycle accident earlier this year.  If he can’t go, don’t expect Ferrari to take a page out of USF1’s book and make a stab at Danica Patrick.

The funniest part of this whole go-kart thing?  That little machine is probably worth more than our cars.  Sad but true.

Here is some footage of the go-kart practice run.

Hat Tip – [TSN.ca]

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