Spectator Takes A Sergio Garcia Drive To The Head At WGC

spectator-takes-a-sergio-garcia-drive-to-the-head-at-wgcTotal Pro Sports – This was not exactly one of those incidents that could have been avoided, like standing directly in front of a Charles Barkley tee shot.  Nonetheless, the outcome was quite similar, leaving on man on the ground withering in pain.

At the 2009 World Golf Championship – Bridgestone Invitational, fans lined the fairway, most of them watching Sergio Garcia‘s tee shot, but one man in particular made the sad mistake of taking his eye off the ball.  It is as if he hadn’t learned anything after seeing a spectator take an Anthony Kim ball in the ass one month earlier.  Unfortunately for him, this one wasn’t headed for his ass.  It went directly off his head.

The man would be okay, shaking it off and continuing his day.  He even received a signed golf ball from Garcia.  One thing I a still trying to figure out though is whether that noise made when it bounced off his head is real?  After the whole Tiger Woods fart-gate fiasco, I don’t know what to believe anymore.

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