Anderson Silva’s Punch Sends Forrest Griffin Running From The Ring

Anderson Silva Knocks Out Forrest GriffinTotal Pro Sports – Forrest Griffin is known to be quite the emotional guy.  That became evident at the conclusion of his bout against Anderson Silva at UFC 101 on Saturday.

The much anticipated fight that many thought would provide Silva with his toughest test yet turned out to be the complete opposite.  “The Spider” used the first minute to feel Forrest out, then took over the fight, landing a couple of significant shots.  Seemingly playing with Griffin, Silva connected with his shots while dodging anything that came his way.  It would eventually become too much for Forrest and after getting clipped in the face with a jab which knocked him to the ground, he would wave his arms signaling the end of his night.

Joe Rogan would go on to say “I love Forrest Griffin, but this is one of the most embarrassing knockouts I think we’ve ever seen.”  Forrest may have felt the same way as he exited the ring immidiately after and ran for teh dressing room.  It may not be a Yahir Reyes spinning backfist, a Marcus Aurelio Capoeira kick, or even a Dan Henderson overhand right, but I guess even Silva’s jabs have incredible knockout power.

This fight helped further illustrate why Silva should be considered the best pound for pound fighter in MMA.  So who is next?  It may be hard for find fights for Anderson should he continue to run right through his opponents like this.  I can help but imagine the prospects of a Silva vs. Geroges St.Pierre battle.  It may be far fetched, but if Rocky Balboa can come back and fight, than I guess anything is possible.

Anderson Silva’s Celebration After Knockout

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