Don’t Mess With Patrick “20 Cents” Kane

Don't Mess With Patrick 20 Cents KaneTotal Pro Sports – Patrick Kane (NHL 2010 Cover Boy), the supremely skilled Chicago Blackhawks star has been arrested for robbery after and alleged incident with a taxi driver in his hometown of Buffalo. The altercation occured after Kane and his cousin, James Kane, were coming home from a bar and the driver was unable to provide the 20 cents in change. The pair allegedly punched the man and took the 15 dollars they had paid him.

A bit ironic that the legal drinking age in Buffalo is 21, and Kane, despite being a prodigious hockey player is all of 20 years old, and NO Patrick did’nt have his mouthguard on while he was beating up the vab driver. The Kanes pleaded not guilty to these charges. The NHL is also looking into the situation, but won’t make a decision until a verdict is reached.

Maybe it was just the booze working, but hopefully Kane can bring some of this toughness on the ice next year to add to his already skillset. It will be interesting to see if this effects his standing with USA hockey leading up to the olympics. Personally I feel that these incidents get blown out of proportion because Kane is a star. There was no fuss about Mark Bell’s adventures while drinking and driving. Some times you just have to chalk it up to a 20 year old being famous and having all the money he needs.

NHL looking into Blackhawk’s arrest – [ESPN]

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