Ryan Braun Teams Up With Marisa Miller In Cheesy Remington Commercial

Remington Shortcut Clipper Commercial ft_ Marisa Miller and Ryan BraunTotal Pro Sports – Sex sells.  Ryan Braun, not so much.  The Brewers’ left fielder may want to take some lessons from Washington Capitals’ coach Bruce Boudreau in the future.

We found this commercial for the Remington shortcut clipper and as far as cheesy commercials go, this one is at the top of the list.  Luckily there is more than a fair share of eye candy to distract us from the terrible acting and ridiculous storyline (yes, I know it is a commercial, but when it runs for 2:40, there is bound to be some sort of a plot).

The team of beautiful softball babes are losing big and they need help.  Wouldn’t you know it, Ryan Braun just happens to be watching from the outfield fence.  Although he doesn’t have time to play because of a barber’s appointment, Marisa makes him an offer he can’t refuse.  One sight of her ass, and Braun is in.  The babes come back and keep their promise.  Their gift to Ryan?  A Remington shortcut clipper.  What a rip off!

Earlier this week we brought you some of the best commercial productions when we showcased Nike’s new shoe advertisement, and Gatorade’s tribute to Michael Jordan.  Now, thanks to Remington and Ryan Braun, we are proud to say we have also brought you some of the worst.

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