Brian Bowles Knocks Out Miguel Torres At WEC 42

Brian Bowles Knocks Out Miguel Torres At WEC 42

Total Pro Sports – WEC:42 was yet another great card put on by Zuffa, showcasing their lighter weight-classes. Headlining the card was consensus top 5 pound for pound fighter (GSP is still the Pound For Pond King), Miguel Torres facing off against an impressive up and comer by the name of Brian Bowles in a bantamweight title fight. Coming into this fight Torres was considered by many to be the cream of the crop in the 135 pound division, so much so that talks of a move up in weight to entertain super-fights with Urijah Faber and Mike Brown were being suggested.

It seems no one told Brian Bowles about this as the scrappy wrestler came out in stunning fashion to earn the winner over the heavily favoured Torres. About half way into the first round Bowles scores with a take down and is able to do some damage from the top. The fight is eventually stood up and after Torres catches Bowles with a  crisp one, two combo. Bowles back peddles in retreat but manages to catch Torres and then the rest is just classic ground and pound. Reminds me how Anderson Silva caught Forrest Griffin for the KO during UFC 101.

This ended an absolute terror of a streak put on by Torres, not having lost in well over 5 years. Bowles is also the first fighter to ever KO or TKO Torres, and it really marks the first time that Torres has ever really been in trouble in the WEC during any fight.

Bowles is no pushover in his own right having finished all his fights in the WEC, and was the consensus number 2 bantamweight in the world heading into the fight. But you can’t understate just how much of an underdog he was, because of how good Torres looks amongst his peers. Miguel Torres will be back, and given his unbelievable run it isn’t out of the question for him to get an immediate rematch.

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