Mike Tyson Now Cutting Hair For The Jonas Brothers

Mike Tyson Now Cutting Hair For The Jonas BrothersTotal Pro Sports – Ever wonder what Mike Tyson’s been up to since he bit off a third of Evander Holyfield’s ear? If you guessed training in the gym you were wrong.

He’s been hanging out with teen-pop sensations, the Jonas Brothers!

No, this isn’t an episode from South Park, but the whole situation is pretty eerie and confusing why The Jonas Brothers would even allow Mike Tyson around them. Let alone the fact that Joe Jonas would allow the ex-con/heavyweight champ to handle scissors near him is beyond me.

We all know how much Iron Mike likes removing (biting) parts from peoples bodies, but this one is a simple haircut. Maybe a career Iron Mike’s been looking to since the fall of his boxing career, and since he got that tremendously odd tattoo on his face.  Who knows he could always just sit the people down in the chair at his barber shop and bite their ears off. Makes it a bit easier for Tyson since he has a problem with money and pussy.

The gag is actually a clip from the Teen Choice Awards, yet another award show no one over the age of  13 watches. Good call FOX on picking solid role models for these kids, Mike Tyson is quite the hero.