Chris Martin Is Lucky To Be Alive After Moto GP Accident

Chris Martin Is Lucky To Be Alive After Moto GP AccidentTotal Pro Sports – This accident reinforces two age old adages, bike crashes are a majority of the time life threatening and everything looks better in slow motion. Making a left turn, Chris Martin (Moto GP driver, not Coldplay), locked up his back tire and proceeded to do two flips before flying over the tire barricade. Luckily for Chris he only sustained minor injuries, and we don’t have to feel bad thinking what an amazing crash.

This rounds up a few weeks of crash after crash on the racing circuit. From Sam Hornish Jr during a Nascar event, Felipe Massa taking the spring off the head in an F1 race and now Chris Martin in Moto GP. Personally, the idea of flying through the air like a rag doll doesn’t intrigue me in the slightest, probably why motor sports has evaded me.

For some race fans, the crash is to a race what the fight is to hockey. They watch the sport simply to see it’s athletes hurt in spectacular fashion. Purists will scoff at the notion that anyone would watch either sport to see it’s athletes getting hurt, but this clearly has some truth to it. In truth, crashes don’t help anyone as they produce caution flags, injury, and on a grand scale a boring race.

Chris Martin is definitely lucky to be alive, hopefully he has a good life insurance because next time he may not be that lucky.

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