Guns + Pittsburgh Steelers = Bad Idea

Guns + Pittsburgh Steelers = Bad IdeaTotal Pro Sports – The NFL seems to be the second coming of the NRA. The only league where stars go from signing 100 million dollar contracts, to jail (Michael Vick) and players who shoot themselves in the leg while at a night club (Plaxico Burress) a year from winning the Superbowl.

Looks like the Pittsburg Steelers have decided to be counterproductive on these fronts so they have arranged for a gun safety clinic for the players run by none other the the Pennsylvania State Police.

Why would millionaire athletes need gun safety when they could simply hire a body guard, maybe a security system in there house, or numerous other forms of safety that are simply had by throwing money at it. But the Steelers disagree, and in true NFL fashion, there is great contreversy. I guess that’s why Terrell Suggs hates the Steelers.

An anonymous source has emailed pictures of the said gun safety clinic featuring Steelers players, and regular civilians breaking every gun safety law in the book. No appropriate protection to the eyes and the ear, and playfully pointing these guns at one another in the name of a new Facebook picture.

“It’s a state police firing range used for state police to train. When we’re there, it’s downright military,” said one state police official, who requested anonymity. “But at this event, it’s chaos. Everybody’s throwing contraband assault weapons around like they’re toys; it’s like they’re having G.I. Joe tryouts. Not only is this totally unethical, but it’s totally illegal.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, many of the weapons used allegedly were taken from evidence and included automatic guns. You could understand cops from Pennsylvania may be inclined to do something a little extra for the guys that brought home the Vince Lombardi trophy but automatic weapons from evidence lockers used at an event where there were clearly cameras present? Not the smartest cops I’ve ever heard of.

Guns + Pittsburgh Steelers = Bad Idea

Guns + Pittsburgh Steelers = Bad Idea

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