Rally Crash Ends Race With A Splash In The Lake

Rally Car Crash Ends With A Splash In The Lake

Total Pro Sports – Everyone understands the merits of being a race car driver. Even more so for the people with enough balls to get into a rally car; where the point is to whip around a dirt track while essentially drifting on your tires on an open track.  Crazy to think how drivers like Jari-Matti Latvala still continue to race even after crashing off a mountain side.

Didn’t you always wonder how these drivers practice since one mistake can lead to a terrible tragedy, and the end of your car. With recent crashes in Nascar at Watkins Glen and Formula 1 with Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, its good to see a video where the drivers make it out or swim it out with little to no injury.

That being said how a rally driver just completely misses a left and deposits themselves in a lake is a little beyond me. Judging by the quality of the video I’m going out on a limb here and say this isn’t the highest level of rally driving you could see.

But if your up for some crazy crashes, this Video is a MUST see.

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