Red Sox Kevin Youkillis Fights Tigers Rick Porcello During Game [Video]

Red Sox Kevin Youkillis Charges The MoundTotal Pro Sports – In a game filled with many story lines, the bench clearing brawl seemed to be the focal point. Unfortunate for Junichi Tazawa who was making his major league debut for the Red Sox against the Detroit Tigers last night. This young 23 year old has amazingly never played professional baseball up until this season when the Red Sox signed him out of the industrial league in Japan. Brought into the Red Sox Double A affiliate, the young left hander has been fast tracked to the majors due to the poor play of John Smoltz.

Making his first major league start under the bright lights of Fenway, Tawaza got off to a shaky start loading the bases in the 1st with one out and eventually surrendering 3 runs. The youngster would eventually settle down and eventually coast to a 7-5 win, his first at the major league level.

Tawaza did do us the favour of hitting Miguel Cabrera on the hand, eventually forcing Cabrera to leave the game, which is the reason we have this video. This after mounting tensions from the previous game with Kevin Youkillis and Cabrera being hit, respectively. This little gem of a video shows the always tenacious Youkillis charging the mound after being plunked in the back by the first pitch during the bottom of the 3rd. Not to say that Youkillis didnt want to charge the mound, but lets just say he didn’t have much of a choice.

The pitch that hit him was defintely aimed at him and Youkillis decided to retaliate by charging the mound, tossing his helmet and charging at Rick Porcello, the 20 year old Tiger’s pitcher. Looks like the “Youks” plan didn’t go as he first thought as he was subsequently judo tossed into oblivion and got thrown down like a kid. Luckily for Youkillis, when all the dust settled and ejections were made, he was replaced by Mike Lowell who proceeded to hit two home run’s and basically win the game.

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