Fan Attacks Player With Knife During South America Cup

Fan Attacks Player With Knife During South America CupTotal Pro Sports – Angry fans have the potential to ruin a game, especially if their tirades extend on the field. It has only been 2 weeks since an incident took place on the soccer field. Still to this date nothing will ever top the incident between the father and son team who attackedthe Royals first base coach during a baseball game, or the infamous Indiana Pacers stands fight.

Recently in South America during the Copa Sudamericana, 20 minutes into a soccer match, a fan stormed the field and blind sided Henry Gimenez of  Uruguay’s River Plate. It appeared after he hit the player that in his hand was a knife, luckily he did not stab anyone.  Flares were also thrown by fans and a member of the coaching staff was hit.

We all have heard of the passion that stems from soccer in South America but this seems to be taking it a little to far. I wonder what David Beckham would have done? To actually go out and attempt to hurt an athlete is one of the dumber things you can do, and telling from the video, those men in army fatigues probably don’t take these matter to lightly. I wouldn’t be surprised if the champ that ran on the field left the stadium in much worse shape then the player he tried to attack.

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