Michael Vick To Sign With The Buffalo Bills

Michael Vick To Sign With The Buffalo BillsTotal Pro Sports – Rumors have been circulating all over the Internet today that Michael Vick aka “The Dog Fighter” is reportedly in Rochester, New York and about to sign a contract with the Buffalo Bills.  Atleast he has decided to put his poker career on hold.

No, this is not an error the Buffalo Bills are atop the list of contenders for the services of Quarterback Michael Vick.  Thanks to our friends over at Radar Online who first broke this story as they were informed from a source close to the team.

I wonder if Terrel Owens has anything with the Buffalo Bills pursuing Vick?  Realistically we find this hard to believe because Owens wants the ball and Vick has a hard time throwing it.  I guess well just have to wait and see of this story pans out.

Be sure to check our friends over at RadarOnline.com for the story to develop.

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