Best (Free) Seats In The House At The New Busch Stadium

Cardinals Fans Enjoy The Game A Different Way

Total Pro Sports – Looks like the recession really is taking its toll on the US. So much so that its starting to affect the national pastime.

Pictured here, a penny pincher from St. Louis decided tickets for the Cardinals game were overrated and instead chose to stand just outside the stadium.  They decided the best way to watch the game was in what can be described as nothing but a “boxascope”.  Free might be best but if you asked these fans they would rather pay for a seat and drink from their humongous straw.

With the use of some cardboard, mirrors and some handy duct tape.  This genius has constructed the cheapest way to see the Cardinals, live in action. Hopefully for this guy, headwinds weren’t that strong, because a big gust could possibly shred that thing in half. Luckily for him his buddy with the fanny pack had backup duct tape on hand.

What amazes me is if you’re too cheap to buy decent tickets, why not just sit at home and watch in HD. I swear HD looks better then watching the game live and you get more than just the boxascope angle.  Only problem not being at the game may have caused you to  miss a Toronto Blue Jay  Hot Dog Shooter in the stands.

An ‘A’ for effort though my friend. If only he could make one tall enough to tower over the green monster at Fenway, now that would be some architecture.

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