Mariners Adrian Beltre Out With Torn Testicle

Mariners Adrian Beltre Out With Torn TesticleTotal Pro Sports – Injuries are a part of baseball. From shoulder injuries, to concussions, all the way to the dreaded Tommy John surgery for pitchers. Adrian Beltre of the Mariners suffered quite the embarrassing injury the other night. While playing 3rd base, a ground ball hit by the White Sox Alexei Ramirez hit Beltre in the groin. Usually this isn’t much of a problem, as once the sting subsides the player is usually okay. Unfortunately for Beltre he is one of the few players that does not wear a protective cup, and is now feeling the repercussions. According to the injury report, Beltre suffered a severely contused right testicle. I’m no doctor but I personally wouldn’t want my testicle to be described as “contused”.

The manager for the Mariners has said that Beltre may need surgery to subdue the bleeding in his testicle. What is even more amazing is Beltre did not leave the game after his injury and actually singled in the 14th, and would eventually score the winning run in the game. Look for Beltre to be out for atleast 3 weeks.

Beltre has stated he has never worn a cup in his career, even in the minor leauges. Of his cup wearing antics, he said,

“I tried it when I first signed, I tried it a couple of times,” he said. “It was uncomfortable and I didn’t like it at all. And I never wore it. I wore it once to try it and I didn’t like it. It was so uncomfortable. I made a play and dove and it hurt more when you had the cup on than without it. I never liked it. It felt uncomfortable and I never used it.”

Here’s a suggestion for Beltre. Either wear the cup, or be a little bit more careful about your jewels.

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