Michael Phelps In Minor Car Accident

Michael Phelps In Minor Car AccidentTotal Pro Sports – Olympic gold medalist, and arguably the best swimmer ever, Michael Phelps was involved in a two car crash Thursday night in his home town of Baltimore. Phelps is said to be alright as are the two passengers in his car. The woman in the other car was taken to the hospital under precautionary measures.

Trouble seems to follow around Phelps who either makes the news as a prodigious swimmer that no one can seem to catch, or for things like DUI and smoking pot. You would have to imagine the backlash from the media and his sponsors if this incident was at all alcohol related but Police Spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi confirmed that it was not a factor.

The details of the crash have yet to be released, with the police stating the incident is still under investigation. No particular driver has been put at fault. Phelps has been in the news previously for a DUI briefly after winning 6 gold medals at the 2004 Athens Olympics, and was later in the news last year for smoking some reefer on camera. One hopes that Phelps is not hurt, and is able to continue his swimming career as planned.

Michael Phelps In Minor Car Crash

Michael Phelps In Minor Car Crash

Michael Phelps Unhurt After 3-Car Crash – [People]

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