Chick Dumps Beer On Aussie Rules Footballer

chick-dumps-beer-on-aussie-rules-footballerTotal Pro Sports – Another tragedy has occurred at a sporting venue.  We have spoken before about the misfortunes of wasted beer.  Shane Victorino was the victim of such circumstances last week, and Angels fans are no strangers to these this type of behavior as well.

Now football fans from “The Land Down Under” are getting in on the act in what has become a worldwide throw-a-beerathon.  It’s enough to make you shed a tear.

During an Aussie Rules Football game, Brad Johnson of the AFL’s Western Bulldogs made his way towards the stands following a game to greet fans and provide them with some souvenirs.  This delighted most, but one female was intrigued only by the opportunity to throw her beer on Johnson.

After she commits the act she continues her conversation on the phone, likely thankful for the lack of retaliation on Johnson’s behalf.  A classless act by the attention-starved blond, she would have made much better use of herself had she done the more respectful thing and simply flashed the players.

Save a beer.  Show your breasts!

Hat Tip – [Sports Rubbish]

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