The Ultimate Jersey Fail

The Ultimate Jersey FailTotal Pro Sports – We have seen stupidity illustrated through a simple pic before.  Look no further than this Chicago Cubs fan, who is still trying to figure out the purpose of a bill on a baseball hat.

That guy’s story is a sad one, but he is no longer alone in the “You can’t get any dumber than this” Hall of Fame.

Athletes are no strangers to crazy hairstyles with numbers or logos shaved into their head, but even Ron Artest was able to get his team right.

As for this high school football player, it looks like he’ll just have to wait for his hair to grow back before shaving the correct jersey number onto the back of his head.

We could understand, and perhaps forgive him, had it been hockey or soccer he was playing, but in football the numbers appear on both the front and back of your jersey.  I guess that wasn’t enough for him to realize his number is 35, not 36.

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