Rally Car Hits Horse, Sends It Flying Through The Air [Video]

Rally Car Hits HorseTotal Pro Sports – When driving a car at high speeds, whether it be on a paved highway, a dirt road, or a race track, there is always the possibility that one of mother nature’s creatures may cross your path forcing you to make a decision between accelerating through it, or attempting to dodge it.  We have seen Brad Coleman make the decision to drive through, which turned out to be bad news for the coyote.

Unfortunately Federico Villagra, a.k.a El Coyote, was not given the opportunity to make a choice.  The horse had already made it for him.

The incident occurred during the Argentine Rally.  As Villagra was coming around a corner, he was met by a group of horses crossing the dirt road.  The leader of the pack had almost made his way across unscathed, but at the last moment his back legs were taken out by the car, sending him flying several feet into the air.  Thankfully the other horses trailing behind were able to avoid being hit.  Villagra’s team managed to rebuild the car, but would eventually have to leave the race.

We already knew that rally car driving could be dangerous to drivers due to the all the nearby trees and lakes, not to mention the ocasional mountain, as Jari-Matti Latvala will tell you.  Now we  are aware of the threats it poses to animals as well.

Insert your “why did the horse cross the road” joke here.

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