Basel Goalie Fights Teammate, Pulls Hair

basel-goalie-fights-teammate-pulls-hairTotal Pro Sports – In soccer we may at times see opposing teammates fight for each other and sometimes they may even go after the fans, but in the Swiss Super League they prefer to fight against one another.

That was the scene at the end of a match between Basel and FC Zurich, when cameras caught Basel goalkeeper Franco Costanzo having a heated discussion with teammate Beg Ferati.  The two continued to jaw at one another before Ferati pushed Costanzo away.  Rather than perform the usual soccer ritual of falling to the ground, the Argentine keeper went back at Ferati, pulling his hair before other members of both teams intervened.  Costanzo would walk away as an angered Ferati had to be held back, but it sounds like cooler heads would eventually prevail.

“I’m sorry, I apologise,” the former River Plate and Alaves goalkeeper said in a television interview afterwards.

“Everyone knows me and it’s the first time in my career I’ve done a stupid thing like this. It’s a situation we have to sort out in the dressing room.” [Reuters]

Costanzo has received a 3-match ban from the Swiss League for “gross unsportsmanlike conduct.”  I guess he brought that River Plate aggression to Switzerland with him.

Hat Tip Video – [Sports Rubbish]