Boca Juniors And River Plate U-14 Teams Brawl

boca-juniors-and-river-plate-u-14-teams-brawlTotal Pro Sports – When two rival soccer team meet on the pitch, you are much more likely to witness some punches, rather than porn stars flashing their breasts in the stands.

Unfortunately, there were no boobs in sight for a match between the Boca Juniors and River Plate U-14 teams, but there was plenty of testosterone and flying fists to go around.

In what is a heated rivalry, the youth teams of the two popular Argentine soccer league clubs brought the same intensity to the field that you would expect from their older mentors.

It all started when River Plate was awarded a penalty kick late in the game.  That seemed to infuriate the Boca coach (he did however refrain from fighting any players), and soon enough such anger became evident within the players on the field.  What began with some shoving ended in punches and kicks from all angles as the refs and members of the coaching staffs attempted to break things up.

Cooler heads would eventually prevail and the penalty kick was taken.


Here is the incident.

Hat Tip Video – [The Spoiler]

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