MMA Fighter Jake Rosholt Take His Turn Jumping Out Of A Pool


Total Pro Sports – We have seen fellow MMA fighter B.J. Penn do it before, as well as Jarron Gilbert of the Chicago Bears.  And even the Redskins’ Keith Eloi has performed this act of strength, backwards.

Now Jake Rosholt is here to show us that he too can jump out of a 3-foot pool, both forwards and backwards.  Now he just needs to get on some flip-flops on and jump into the back of a pickup truck to complete the hat-trick.

Set to fight in the upcoming UFC 102 against Chris Leben, Rosholt has been training hard, and to prove his conditioning is at its peak he got the camera rolling and jumped out of a pool forwards.  Impressive, but just in case that didn’t quite get your attention, he got back in the pool and performed the same act backwards.

As individuals continue to do this trick and succeed, more look to attempt it.  It is not as rare as B.J. Penn and his crew may have previously stated (when they said only three people have done it), but it is still a testament to the strength and conditioning levels achieved by these top level athletes.

We want to hear who you think so far who has the best pool jump. Vote and Comment below.

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