Rally Car Driver Darren Pool Must Be Dizzy After This Crash


Total Pro Sports – It seems as though the rally car crashes keep rolling in, and as long as they do we will continue to bring them to you.

This time around it is Darren Pool providing the entertainment, and although it may seem disrespectful to describe an accident as “entertainment,” when those involved escape injury free, then such clips should be watched with enjoyment.

Flying down the RDP Welsh Rally track in Epynt, Wales at a speed of 115 mph, Pool came off a jump in his Talbot Sunbeam and hit a gust of wind.  That forced his car to lose control causing it to flip and roll a total of five times before going end over end twice and finally coming to a halt.  Emergency rescuers rushed to the aid of the 35-year-old driver and his 37-year old co-driver, Chris Beer, 35, but thankfully both would escape with only minor cuts and bruises.

Pool was lucky enough to stay away from crashing into any trees, driving into a lake, or rolling down a mountain, and lets not forget about those street-crossing horses.  His car may have been taken for a wild ride, but it looks like lady luck was riding shotgun with him this time.

Here is a new clip of the incident which provides some more information as well as an interview with Darren.

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