Mascot Crashes While Taking 400m Hurdles Champion Melanie Walker For A Ride


Total Pro Sports – Melaine Walker of Jamaica was able to get over all of her hurdles on route to the gold medal in the women’s 400m-meter event at the World Track and Field Championships in Berlin.  Little did she know that there would be one more hurdle in her way following the race, but she wasn’t the one who would be jumping it.

As for prizes awarded to winners, we have seen Caster Semenya become the recipient of a “gender verification test,” but for Walker there would be a piggy-back ride waiting for her following the victory.

Berlino the Bear, the official mascot of this summer’s championships, had been having fun with other competitors, posing to the crowd with men’s 100 and 200-meter champion Usain Bolt before challenging him to a race, and being lifted to the air by Germany’s Robert Harting after his victory in the men’s discus final.

For Melaine Walker, he had a hug for her before offering the champion a ride on his back.  When she accepted and climbed aboard, Berlino began racing down the track.  Unfortunately, those mascot uniforms don’t offer much in terms of visibility.  After picking up the pace, an unaware Berlino crashed into the trolley of hurdles, knocking both him and Melanie to the floor.  Thankfully, they would both be alright and exchanged hugs after getting up from the floor.

A mascot’s job is not always a safe one as you never know when you may be taking the next punch, or in this case, running into your next obstacle.  Next time remember to keep your head up Berlino.

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