Need Help With A Fantasy Football Name? We Got Just The Thing!

fantasy-football-nameTotal Pro Sports – This week we have begun talking about fantasy football.  With draft dates quickly approaching and the 2009 season only a few weeks away, you will need to decide on a drafting strategy, know who the top studs are, and be aware of which rookies may have an impact.  These are all important aspects of one’s team, but there is one issue that often gets neglected when creating a fantasy football team….


That’s right!  Owners often look for quick fixes to finding a name, but that can seriously affect the performance of your team.  How are other owners supposed to be afraid when going up against “Team Smith”.

Picking a name can be difficult.  You want something original and with a bit of pizazz (if you will) behind it.  It may be hard to ask for so much from someone, but now there is just the thing to help you out.

Introducing the Fantasy Football Team Name Generator.  Created by the people at RAZZBALL, this device allows you to choose from “Non-Pro Team City”, “Agitated Adjective”, “Goofy Adjective”, and “Crayola and Mail Order Catalog Colors” in the first category, and “War Terms”, “Non-College Mascot Animals”, “Things That Sounds Dirty But Are Not”, “80s Villans”, and “Items That Include Ground Meat” in the second.  I went with “agitated adjective” and “things that sound dirty but are not” and got “The Grappling Rimshots”.  Now that is a team name you can stand behind and root for.

Give it a shot for yourself here.

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