Regis Philbin Is Confused By Those Damn Basketball Jerseys

regis-philbin-is-confused-by-those-damn-basketball-jerseysTotal Pro Sports – In case you hadn’t heard, the ever-so-popular game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire made its return last night for a 10 year anniversary celebration.  One of the contestants for the special event was none other than Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash.

Nash was on the show playing for a charity, but rather than kicking a soccer ball around with some of the world’s greatest stars in order to raise money, he was required to answer a single question for $50,000.  If he got it, he would not only get the money, but host Regis Philbin would have to put on a Suns’ jersey with his name on the back (or at least it is supposed to be on the back).

The question was one that required Nash to identify which of the four options would constitute the longest distance.  After getting some help from “the specialist” and enduring some nonsensical rambling, he was finally given the correct answer and made it his final one.

As you may have expected, it was correct.  Nash won the money causing his life-line friend to perform the most awkward of dances.  If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, it was finally time for Regis to put that jersey on.  Just one problem.  I guess the popular talk show host has never put on a basketball jersey before.

Someone should have told him the name goes on the back.

Hat Tip Video – [The World Of Isaac]

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