The Stat Line Of The Night – 08/20/09 – Usain Bolt

Germany Athletics WorldsTotal Pro Sports – We have been somewhat handcuffed in our stat line picks over the past couple of months, being left with little options other than baseball players.  Today that will change because of the performance put on in Berlin at the World Track and Field Championships by Jamaica’s Usain Bolt.

He is the fastest man to ever grace this planet and yesterday he reminded us of just what kind of speed he has, blazing past the competition in the 200-meter men’s final to win the gold and set a new world record of 19.19 seconds.  That is the second world record broken by Bolt at these championships as he did it in the 100-meter competition less than a week earlier.  His outstanding performance was easily enough to run him into the record books and in the process, earn Usain “The Stat Line Of The Night” for Thursday, August 20th, 2009.

If there was ever any doubt regarding who the fastest man really is, it has surely diminished as Bolt has now shaved his previous marks in the 100 and 200 meter events, both by 0.11 seconds.  Talk about consistency.  It is amazing to watch this man’s long strides work almost effortlessly while those around him struggle to even keep up.  Bolt has taken the athletic world by storm and there may be no stopping him anytime soon.

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