Most Patient Sports Reporter In The World (Video)

Most Patient Sports Reporter In The World

Total Pro Sports – Life as a reporter may seem easy at times, but it can also have its rough moments.  Being bombarded by college kids, having your chords pulled, getting yelled at by a mother, or even embracing a dry hump are all very real possibilities.

In order to survive as a reporter, patients is needed, and Lubos Rossi has a whole lot of it.

While giving a live television report, fans from Serbian soccer club, Red Star Belgrade, noticed a camera and decided to get themselves some face time.  Free of any rowdiness, they did manage to put on quite the show.  One individual gives Rossi some hand-made antlers, another tries to get him to wear his sunglasses, and best of all is the guy who just poses with his arm around the reporter and a smile on his face.

We applaud Rossi for his composure, although we are never disappointed when treated to a news report gone bad.

Hat Tip – [SportsByBrooks]

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