Ryohei Masuda Delivers The Quickest Knockout Ever

ryohei-masuda-delivers-the-quickest-knockout-everTotal Pro Sports – When it comes to MMA, quick knockouts are somewhat rare, but how are we too feel about them?  We all love the excitement of a knockout, but fans of the sport also enjoy seeing two individuals challenge themselves and each other over the duration of a few rounds, something an early KO can not provide.

Maybe it was the contradictory nature of such that caused all those fans to pile into the ring following Ryohei Masuda‘s  two second KO of Takahiro Kuroishi at The Rings’ “The Outsider 2”.

It was perhaps the quickest fight ever as Kuroishi was down and out before it ever really started.  Believing it was a good idea to be aggressive early, he charged at Masuda immediately following the opening bell, but that was a crucial mistake as he ran directly into a vicious right hand.  That ended the scheduled fight, but the fans wanted more and were willing to provide it as a brawl broke out in the ring.

And I thought Steve Ramirez‘s three second knockout was a quick one.

FYI, the fight occurred back in 2008 but footage has only recently surfaced.

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