Bruce Lee Kick To The Face Highlights Bolivian Soccer Match [Video]

regui-bruce-lee-kickTotal Pro Sports – We have witnessed the destruction that can result from a Bruce Lee kick to the head, but when it was performed by a fan at the new Yankee Stadium, it was done so with plain running shoes and failed to connect as cleanly as he may have liked.

As for a soccer player’s attempt at such acrobatics, you would expect there to be much more accuracy behind his kick, and this Bolivian soccer player did not disappoint at all.  Anderson Silva would surely be proud.

This past Sunday, in a league game between Oriente Petrolero and Blooming, things got nasty late in the first half.  After receiving a rather unnecessary elbow to the face, Blooming’s Sergio Jauregui hit the floor and stayed down for a moment before getting up in a rage and attacking the culprit, Oriente’s Leonardo Medina.  A red card would also be issued to Medina, but for Jauregui, there was still justice to be paid.

As the teams made their way towards the pitch at halftime, Jauregui sprinted towards Medina, leaped, and delivered a flying Bruce Lee kick which landed squarely on his face.  As you may expect, Medina was knocked unconscious and the Oriente players retaliated, but not with enough force, if you ask me.

Jauregui was also sent off with a red card following the act and reports indicate that he had gone into hiding and fled the stadium, but has since been spotted on television issuing an apology.  Medina is not expected to suffer any lasting injuries, but this picture (below) doesn’t look like he is in the best of shape at the moment.

After a week of hostility, there appears to be an anger issue in Blooming.  Last week it was a fan of the club who attacked River Plate player Henry Gimenez with a knife.  Perhaps some anger management classes should be prescribed to both the players and fans of the Bolivian league club.

As for Jauregui, there is no telling what type of discipline he may be facing, but we expect him to be out for quite some time.  If he is looking for something to keep him occupied in the meantime, he may want to give high-kicking competitions a shot.  I think he might have what it takes to beat Rohan Singh Thakur’s world record.

Here is the clip.

This is Medina following the incident

This is Medina following the incident

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