Fists, Chairs, And Other Things Fly During International Basketball Brawl

fists-chairs-and-other-things-fly-during-international-basketball-brawlTotal Pro Sports – International relations between Mexico and Uruguay have just taken a turn for the worse after a brawl ensued between the two country’s international basketball squads.

Things seem to be that much more dramatic when South American teams are involved (look no further than their soccer fights), especially when you compare this melee with the one that developed between Italy and Canada.  While punches were thrown in the latter, the chairs and other garbage remained on the floor and order was eventually restored.  Not even a dividing cage was able to end the feud between the Mexican and Uruguayan players.

It all started when Mexico’s Romel Beck got into the face of Uruguay’s Emilio Taboada following a foul call.  All hell broke lose from there as fists began flying in all different directions and players attacked whoever they could get their hands on.  Video shows players from both teams chasing each other around until Uruguay finally escaped to their locker room.  That didn’t stop the Mexicans from continuing to pursue them.

Lately, Uruguayan athletes just can’t seem to get along with other surrounding nationalities.  Just a few weeks ago, Henry Gimenez of  Uruguay’s River Plate was attacked by a Bolivian fan with a knife during a soccer match.  There was no knives at this basketball game, but had there been you can only assume they would have been put to use.

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