Need To Get A Close Up Pic At The Game?

Fan At Sports Game Extra Zoom Needed

Total Pro Sports – Those Chicago Cubs fans never seem to disappoint.  Whether it is the rowdiness of their bleacher boys, or their inability to understand the dynamics of a baseball hat, they always seem to provide something for our entertainment.

This time it is part of the Cubs’ female fan base that has a little something to show us.

Ever find yourself at the ball game trying to take a picture, but your damn digital camera just wont zoon in quite enough?  Why not try some binoculars?  Maybe she was trying to get a closer look at the Shane Victorino beer shower.

Let’s just hope she tried to use the camera’s zoom lens first.  I wonder how the pic came out.

Fan At Sports Game Extra Zoom Needed

Fan At Sports Game Extra Zoom Needed

Hat Tip – [Fail blog]

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