We’ll Call This Extreme Golfing (Video)

We'll Call This Extreme Golfing

Total Pro Sports – For those who think golf is a boring sport, they may want to consider spicing it up just a bit.  All it takes is a tee, a golf club, a ball, and a friend’s bare ass.

It may not deliver the same eye candy as a hot chick performing accuracy tricks in a skirt, but what it lacks in terms of sex appeal, it makes up for in hilarity.

One guy lays flat on his stomach, pants down, and tee in ass.  Keeping steady, the ball is placed on the tee and is set for takeoff.  Now it is up to the person with the club in their hand to do the rest, but one inch can mean the difference between a perfect drive down the middle of the fairway or a nasty bruise on your friend’s ass.  Judging by the pictures taken of the aftermath, it appears as though this guy missed by more than just an inch.

I’d be willing to bet that not even an Anthony Kim drive would cause such a large bruise, however, things likely would have turned out much worse had it been Charles Barkley’s turn to tee one up.