Serena Williams Gets Carnied At The Fair

serena-williams-gets-carnied-at-the-fairTotal Pro Sports – For those of you who have visited the fair before only to be tricked by a carny into playing a game you can’t win, don’t be embarrassed.  Even the best sometimes become victims of the quick, slick carnies.  Look no further than female tennis superstar Serena Williams.

This video which was found on Serena’s website,, shows her at the carnival playing “Ring The Bell”.  She tries to get the carny to give her an extra attempt, or two, but as we all know, there is no fooling a carny.  She gives it three attempts, but fails on all three.

Serena seemed a bit sluggish as she swung the mallet for each attempt.  Maybe Jason Whitlock was on to something, although we doubt her slimmer sister Venus would have fared much better.

I wonder if she had the chance to visit the world’s strongest vagina in the “freakshow” exhibit afterward.

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