Chewing Gum And Playing Soccer Can Be A Deadly Combo [Video]

chewing-gum-and-playing-soccer-can-be-a-deadly-combo-videoTotal Pro Sports – When a player hits the pitch in a soccer game, our first reaction is often to call them a diver and yell at them to get up, but sometimes the situation is more serious than we had initially believed.

When Anthony Van Loo went down during a game with a heart attack, it was a frightening scene as he found himself situated on the boarder between life and death.  On Tuesday, there was a rather strange, but equally scary incident which occurred in Brazil.

During his debut with Vasco de Gama, a team in Brazil’s second division, striker Aloisio went to challenge a ball in the air.  As he came down, his head connected with an opposing player’s, knocking him unconscious with the gum he had been chewing obstructing his airway.

The Vasco medical team rushed to the scene and Aloisio was taken off in an ambulance.

“It was a very serious situation,” Vasco doctor Paulo Cesar Rocha said Wednesday. “Luckily, we identified the problem quickly and took the gum out to help him breathe again.”

Aloisio was released from the hospital hours after he was admitted. He is barred from physical activity for at least a week as a precaution. “I don’t remember a lot,” Aloisio told local media Wednesday. “I only remember the doctor taking the gum out. I have never been scared like this—no more chewing gum for me.” [AP]

Perhaps the only thing more threatening to a player than an angry fan is a piece of gum.

Just don’t expect Aloisio to be the next spokesperson for Juicy Fruit.

Hat Tip Video – [Dirty Tackle]

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