Fan Takes Field Goal To The Head


Total Pro Sports – In the game of football, not even the fans are safe from the kicking game.  While the NFL has put up nets to prevent those in attendance from taking errant field goals to the head, the high school game has yet to implement such precautions.

They may want to look into that.

It is almost as if we should give this kicker two extra points.  One for putting the ball through the uprights, and another for his pinpoint accuracy (Even Chad Ochocinco would be jelous), after drilling the crossing boy in the head.  The shot was enough to knock the kid to the ground, and it is very likely he had his own football growing out of his head later that night.

In all sports, whether is it golf, baseball, football, or anything else, it is the responsibility of the fans to keep their eye on the ball.  If not, they can expect to take one in the head, or even the ass.  That is, of course, unless they have an empty pizza box handy.

And here’s the kick….