Milton Bradley Has Had Enough With America’s Racism

CHAPMAN_CUBS_24.JPGTotal Pro Sports – We have all likely become accustomed to hearing Milton Bradley rant and whine, but this time he may actually be onto something.

Bradley has not had the best of years, batting an unimpressive .259 and tallying only 11 homer runs and 35 RBIs.  That is enough to get almost any $10-million-a-year man booed, but Bradley thinks his treatment is the result of factors beyond his poor play at the plate, and in the outfield.

An angry Milton Bradley lashed out at his treatment from Cubs fans Wednesday, suggesting he has been the victim of racial abuse at Wrigley Field

“America doesn’t believe in racism,” he said sarcastically before repeating the remark. [Chicago Tribune]

Sadly, Bradley is right (and it is about time because he was long overdue), however the booing may actually be directed more towards his play than his skin color.  America, in many cases, doesn’t believe in racism, or at least they seem to believe it no longer exists, and the election of a black president has only seemed to further this notion.

Unfortunately, such beliefs are wrong.  Racism is still evident within society and all one need to do is step outside their homes or neighborhoods to see its effects.  The fans at Wrigley Field are not the only ones, and Bradley realizes that as well.

Bradley signed a three-year, $30 million dollar contract in January but has had a difficult season. Does he regret signing with the Cubs?

“I don’t regret anything,” he replied. “I regret there are idiots in the world. That’s what I regret.”

It is no coincidence that the most wealthiest individuals and top CEO’s are often white, while government housing areas, or “the projects” as they are often referred to as, are overpopulated with racial “minorities”.  Racial stereotypes play a big role in determining how individuals treat and react to others, and athletes are not immune to this.  Bradley has faced hatred on a daily basis, and much of it he believes it the result of his skin color.

“I’m talking about hatred, period,” he said. “I’m talking about when I go to eat at a restaurant, I have to listen to the waiters bad-mouthing me at another table, sitting in a restaurant, that’s what I’m talking about — everything.”

I hear you Milton, and this time I am listening.  I’m just not sure if the rest of the world is yet.

Hat Tip – [Chicago Tribune]

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