Now This Is What I Call A Hybrid Vehicle

Now This Is What I Call A Hybrid Vehicle

Total Pro Sports – When people go searching for a hybrid vehicle, they are often referring to one that combines an electric motor with an internal combustion engine.  While great on gas, those hybrids have nothing on this one when it comes to versatility.

Stevie Johnson has made a hobby out of turning boats into some crazy sideshow freak-mobiles.  He is part of the lobster-boat racing circuit, but has no aspirations of beating Galen Alley (the circuit’s top competitor) because his wild creations are built more looks than for speed.

“It would be nice to beat him because he goes like hell,” says Mr. Johnson, 54, acknowledging that a breakdown by Mr. Alley is probably the only way he will top him this year. But then, for the barrel-chested boat builder — who has won many races against others this summer — showmanship is as important as victory. [The Wall Street Journal]

The boat displayed in the picture was created by Johnson using the bottom of a 26-foot cabin cruiser, and a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird chained on top.  This masterpiece was appropriately named “Sunbird” and received a great deal of attention during a competition in New Harbor.

“Is that a car or what?” someone shouted.

“It’s a cah-boat,” Mr. Johnson replied, suppressing the “r” in classic New England patois. All the while, his big motors were guzzling gas from the tanks he’d neglected to top off.

It doesn’t seem like the type of boat Mike Bryan would use to go noodling, though I can’t help but imagine how great it would be to cruise in “Sunbird” looking to catch the next King of Common Carps.

Now This Is What I Call A Hybrid Vehicle

Now This Is What I Call A Hybrid Vehicle

Hat Tip – [Deadspin] via [The Wall Street Journal]

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