Shaun Hill Named 49ers Starting QB; Maybe Alex Smith Can Play Fullback [Video]

alex-smith-lays-out-greg-ellisTotal Pro Sports – Earlier in the year we asked whether Shaun Hill was the future quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers.  With limited options at the position, it seems as though he is for now, and was named the starter for the season opener against the Arizona Cardinals.

So what does that mean for former first overall pick (and perhaps the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf), Alex Smith?

It looks like it will be another year on the bench for Smith, but while he failed to impress coaches with his arm, he may have turned some heads with his blocking.

During the 49ers preseason game against the Oakland Raiders this past weekend, Smith was unable to complete much, so when your QB can’t get anything going through the air, you team is forced to try something different in order to get the offense going.  San Fran’s coach, Mike Singletary did just that, and must have been impressed with what he saw from Alex.

With the reverse taking form, Smith found himself out in front of the ball carrier, and like any good teammate, he was looking for something to block.  That something came in the shape of a 6-6, 265 pound Greg Ellis.

Smith was clearly looking to prove something and win a starting spot on the roster as he laid out the Raiders’ large defensive end with a vicious hit.  It may not have earned him the starting quarterback position, but don’t be surprised to see Smith making blocks for running back Frank Gore as the team’s new fullback.

Hat Tip Video – [Second-String Fullback]

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