Chad Ochocinco Will Not Be Denied His In-Game Tweets

20051011_nar_ts1_781.jpgTotal Pro Sports – As the story goes, Chad Ochocinco loves his Twitter and can’t live without it.  As a result, he wants to tweet during NFL games, but according to league rules, cellular devices are not to be used on the field.  Now EightyFive has come up with a new plan.

Each week the Bengals’ wideout will have a competition on Twitter to pick one lucky fan who he will fly to the Bengals game and work out hand signals so that they can update his Twitter account while he is on the field.  This will allow the social media fanatic to communicate on Twitter but without violating the NFL’s policy on cell phones during games.

Now we will get to hear about each catch, touchdown, and even field goal that Ochocinco makes, although, I am still trying to figure out how he will communicate names like “Michael Jackson” or “Farah Fawcett” through the use of hand signals.  Don’t forget to mark down the December 20th game against San Diego on your calendar.  That could be an interesting one.

Here is a clip of Chad making the announcement.

Hat Tip – [Mashable]

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